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calm in ojai (revive)

calm in ojai (revive)

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revive: repurposed containers

the EPA estimates that packaging contributes to 30% of all waste within the US annually. among the many ways to offset our footprint, we are always looking for new ways to package our product. one night during one of his regular D&D sessions, one of the members of the party suggested using our empty wine bottles as containers for a limited run of candles. all containers are thoroughly washed, sanitized, dried, cut, sanded, and filled with wax in order to bring a second life to these otherwise discarded bottles. all of the scents you love, now bigger and with two wicks!

NOTE: due to the nature of this drop, every individual candle in this line varies in the shade of the glass, ranging from green to tan, if you have a particular color you'd like, feel free to send us an email hello@fond-fragrance, be sure to include your order number and which color container you would like and we will do our best to make sure we can fulfill that.

a warm breeze from the east fills the air with the smell of citrus and orange blossoms from neighboring properties, the fresh smell of lavender mingles with the hum of diligent bees looking to pollinate, the sun casts its warm glow upon the white sage that had been growing for years bordering the property, infusing an earthy smell to the ensemble of aromas. this scent evokes a warm, spring day in ojai.

we are proud to say that our scented coconut wax candles are eco-friendly, narrative-inspired, and sustainably sourced. Made with RIFM-Certified essential oils, fond. scented candles contain no dyes, no parabens, no phthalates. Hand poured in Ojai, California.

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