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cozy on the couch

cozy on the couch

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cozy on the couch: tobacco, tonka bean, oud, and vetiver

tobacco provides a warm and rounded scent that fills a room and invokes a nostalgic feeling of comfort. paired with rich tonka bean and oud, these scents feel almost as if you're visiting your favorite cousin whose house always feels like a home away from home. and finally vetiver brings a unique earthy quality that is evocative of plant-life growing nearby.

this scent is perfect for a night in, solo or with loved ones, provided that everyone has a comfortable place to sit.

our new, matte black packaging features more wax, more fragrance, and a thicker wick that will throw the scent further. this version also includes a lid that can be used to put out the candle. same product, just more of what you love!

we are proud to say that our scented coconut wax candles are eco-friendly, narrative-inspired, and sustainably sourced. Made with RIFM-Certified essential oils, fond. scented candles contain no dyes, no parabens, no phthalates. Hand poured in Ojai, California.

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