about us

welcome to fond. – your gateway to the world of scent memory fragrances and sustainable candles. founded in our hometown of ojai, california, our passion for fragrance as a means of self-expression and storytelling drives us to create scents deeply entwined with cherished memories. crafted from sustainably sourced coconut wax, each rare essence aroma therapy candle embodies our commitment to eco-friendly practices and ethical brand values. at fond., fragrance design is an art form, and we take pride in our meticulous approach to scent creation. join our journey towards mindfulness, joy, and transparency as we invite you to experience the power of aroma memory. we hope you'll fall in love with our candles, just as we have, and become part of the fond. mission.

about our values

gender neutrality

fond. fragrance champions the belief that scents should transcend gender identity, welcoming all to indulge in the allure of our gender-neutral fragrances. we're committed to breaking free from outdated practices, offering affordable gender-neutral candles, perfumes, and colognes that celebrate individuality over stereotypes. our fragrances are meticulously crafted based on ingredient compatibility, ensuring that everyone can experience the magic of a genderless scent that truly resonates with their unique style and personality.

no excessive packaging

our commitment to sustainability and ethical candles drives us to embrace minimalist package design with the most eco-friendly packaging options available. we prioritize the planet by padding our shipments with biodegradable packing peanuts composed of starch. this approach ensures safe transport of our sustainably sourced products while reducing our environmental footprint, staying true to our values of transparency and eco-friendliness.